Dodge Ram Pickup Truck

Dodge Ram Pickup Trucks

Dodge Ram Pickup TrucksDodge: To evade, typically with great agility. Dodge a punch; dodge a crisis; dodge a bullet; Dodge Ram. Speedy as a bullet, a workhorse than can pull you through any crisis, an engine that can throw a knockout of a punch. Dodge is known best for two things: The Viper, and its pickup trucks. Now, sports cars are eye candy. The fact that their pickup truck stand out even next to their flagship performance vehicle is saying something. Precisely what it says, is that the Dodge Ram pickup trucks are, themselves, performance vehicles. You don’t dodge a bullet without serious engineering - and these cars boast some of the most serious there is.

Why are Dodge Ram Pickup Trucks So Popular?

One thing Dodge has made sure of, is that their Ram line of trucks pack serious oomph, even at the lower end of the range. Take the Ram 1500 pickup truck, for instance. With an impressive 25 miles per gallon on the highway, 3.6L V6 engine that can pull some serious weight, and eight speed transmission, and the safety and convenience of voice activation all stock, you should know you can’t go wrong. It’s like driving a luxury car that can pull a house. . . Because, when you roll in a Ram, you are driving a luxury car that can pull a house.

The first thing you’ll notice about a Ram is how it looks. With 20 inch rims and high-quality, custom trimmed interiors, “how it looks” is, in a word, awesome. Stock seats are cloth, but can be upgraded to leather for even greater comfort and class. The body is custom-designed to look great but still be able to handle the high demands of off road functionality, and it boasts special mud flaps that keep the car clean as a whistle, even when the work gets dirty.

Once you’re inside, the rims stop shining, and the engine gets its turn. The 3.6L V6 can pull some serious weight, and for a truck Ram-line vehicles move fast. But models like the Ram 2500 pickup truck and Ram 3500 pickup truck, as well as upgraded 1500s, can boast V8 engines with displacements on the order of 6L. That means you can tow anything and everything, from just about anywhere to just about anywhere else. Couple that with high-quality suspension, and you should be able to rest assured that you can finish any job in comfort, with ease, and with a little bit of fun thrown in the mix.

Of course, ability to work means nothing if you’re in a death trap. Fortunately, the Dodge Ram trucks all feature impressive safety features, including standard alerts that passengers aren’t wearing seatbelts; high-quality air bags in the dashboard and on the side doors; and quality suspension that makes even the roughest roads manageable, and the heaviest loads low-risk. On top of that, the Bluetooth voice-connect keeps your hands on the wheel, and the touch-screen interface on the interior allows you to call up a map that you can see with just a glance. This means you won’t have to risk your safety reading a map on the road, or waste time pulling over to check your directions.

Dodge Ram Pickup Trucks For Sale.

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Buy a Dodge Ram pickup truck.

Dodge Ram trucks are paragons of power. They’re fully featured, customizable, luxurious worhorses that can do just about anything you’d ask, right off the lot. And if you’re not satisfied with the stock specifications, you can make just about any modification you want to make. Don’t trust us? Consider the awards. The Dodge Ram is 2013 North American truck of the year, the truck of Texas for the ‘13 year, and the 2013 Motor Trend top truck.

All the accolades and all the features spell one word: Quality. The Dodge ram is durable, versatile, and ready to work. The awards should tell you that’s no lie. Your experience behind the wheel should tell you it’s no exaggeration. Your experience away from the mechanic should tell you that, when we say it’s a workhorse, we mean it. If you’ve got a job that needs a little punch to get finished, choose a Dodge Ram pickup truck. If you’ve got a job that’s crucial to complete, choose the Ram.

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Top Selling Ram Pickup Trucks

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