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4x4 Pickup TruckPickup trucks have evolved over the years since it was first introduced in the United States. Not only are these automobiles getting popular due to its usefulness as a cargo carrier, their improvement in designs, looks and passenger carrying capacity makes them a class of its own. The demand for pickup trucks are increasing over the years as businesses uses them and individual home owners no longer see them just as a goods transport but a a family vehicle. With powerful engines and 4x4 capabilities today's pickup trucks makes excellent off-road vehicles. As pickup trucks are often associated with commercial users, a lot of their functions and features are often overlook by individuals planning to buy their first automobile. So if you are in the market looking for a 4x4 pickup truck then the factors to consider includes such things as towing capacity, cargo space, standard crew cab or extended cabs, lifted trucks or standard, engine capacity and the trucks's manufacturer and model. The modern pickup truck models of today comes with all sorts of accessories and designs found mostly in luxury cars. You can find leather seats, cool dashboards, air bags, 4 wheel drives, better fuel efficiency and so on which are comparable to many high end SUVs. Truck options range from being compact with two seats, to oversized models with king cabs.

Types of Pickup Trucks

There are many different types of trucks that were design to meet the different needs of customers. From small light trucks to large 4x4 crew cab pickup trucks that can carry heavy loads and more passengers. Often, you will see short description mention in many trucks for sale advertisement such as "diesel pickup trucks", "4x4 pickup trucks", "lifted pickup trucks" and "crew cab pickup trucks" terms which are worth understanding when choosing to buy a pickup. So let's go through some of these pickup trucks terms.

Diesel Pickup Trucks.

So why do pickup trucks for sale advertisement specifically mention "diesel" pickup truck for sale? You may not know this but pickup trucks can be manufactured to run on gas or diesel depending on the design of specific models. Which comes to next question, "should you buy a gas or diesel pickup truck?" Cost has been a factor to consider, whether it is cost of the vehicle or cost of fuel to run the vehicle and fuel economy. Diesel pickups might have been more expensive, but they also had far greater towing and hauling capacity, got better fuel economy, and lasted longer than gas trucks. However, with new technology, the latest gasoline engines in pickup trucks have seen large improvement in terms of power and efficiency comparable to diesel engines. At the moment, new diesel trucks are preferred by buyers as most pickup trucks are use for businesses which needs reliability and cost efficiency.

4x4 Pickup Trucks

When a pickup is advertised as 4x4 pickup truck for sale, the 4x4 refers to a four-wheel-drive pickup. 4 wheel drives pickup are needed for off-road conditions and they are more suited than 2 wheel rear wheel drive for traction control in rough terrain, muddy and slippery roads. To be able to switch to four wheel drive is an important feature for pickups carrying loads or towing in different road condition, which is why buyers are willing to fork out more money for a 4x4 pickup truck.

Lifted Pickup Trucks

If you notice some pickup trucks seems to have a higher ride height with a higher base and bigger wheels, they are modified "lifted" pickup trucks. These truck owners mod their trucks to improve the trucks appearance and performance by raising the ride height with a new suspension system and adding larger diameter wheels and tires. There are however, practical reasons to have lifted trucks. A slightly taller truck with larger terrain tires not only looks great, but add to ride comfort and improve traction in a variety of road conditions. Heavy-duty and work trucks can also benefit from being lifted, as bigger tires often carry an increased load rating, which can improve the ride and safety when hauling heavy tools or cargo, and for vehicles that constantly tow a trailer.

Crew Cab Pickup Trucks

A pickup truck with crew cab allows more passenger carrying space in an enclosed cabin. Automobile manufacturers produce pickup models with standard cabs, crew cabs and extended cabs version to cater for market demand. Most pickup comes with a Standard Cab. If you are planning to carry more passengers than a standard cabin, then consider the Crew Cab pickup truck. The crew cab pickup truck is made to have four doors and two bench seats that fits up to six adults comfortably. The Extended Cab pickup only has two doors and it is not as comfortable for several passengers as the crew cab pickup truck is. The extended cab pickup truck has a smaller wheel base then the crew cab so it has better traction then the crew cab but it has less then a standard pickup truck has. The back seat can be smaller then a crew cab pickup truck. It can be a bench seat or two seats. An extended cab is sufficient for carrying children but adults may not find it as comfortable as a crew cab.

New or Used Pickup Trucks.

For consumers looking to buy a pickup truck, they have a choice of buying a new or used pickup truck. Budget is one of the consideration for most buyers, as we know not everybody can afford new pickup trucks. Although buying a used pickup saves on initial cost outlay but the maintenance and operational cost may be more in the long run. So your consideration should also include the cost of operation as this depends on the type of work you intend to use the truck for and the pickup truck type and model. A good compromise in getting an affordable used pickup trucks is to get one that is three to five years old, so that you have several years of low maintenance operation before parts needs replacement.

Pickup Trucks For Sale Online.

After all the planning and research, you should be able to work out your requirement and budget for a pickup truck. With so many resources to find pickup trucks for sale, a good place to start will be online. At 4x4pickuptruck.com, there are many brands of pickup you can choose. New and used models from popular manufacturers such as Ford, GMC, Dodge RAM, Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan and Honda are top choices with buyers. A convenient way to choose and make payment makes online shopping a popular choice with many pickup truck buyers. If you are looking to buy a pickup truck, feel free to take a look at the list of pickup trucks for sale at this website.

Ford Pickup TrucksJust as inseparable is the name Ford from the words pickup truck. Ford has built some of the biggest, baddest, and best quality pickup trucks out there. Their range of trucks has something to satisfy just about anyone, from those who want just basic pickup function (try the F-150) to those who want the deep growl and insane power of the most powerful machines made today. We recommend you take at some Ford pickup truck models. Check out all the different models of pickup trucks Ford has to offer. They’re all wonderful, and they all have more than you could dream of enjoying. The challenge is not in picking Ford. It’s in picking which Ford. The downside, is that this is hard. It can take awhile to settle on the model that offers you what you want most, and what you absolutely need. The upside, is that no matter what you choose, you’ll be happy. With each one offering incomparable performance that is the long-time Ford trademark, that’s a guarantee. If you are interested to buy a Ford Pickup Truck, you can search for one at our Ford Pickup Truck web pages. Link To: Ford Pickup Truck.

Dodge Ram Pickup TrucksDodge Ram pickup trucks are paragons of power. They’re fully featured, customizable, luxurious worhorses that can do just about anything you’d ask, right off the lot. And if you’re not satisfied with the stock specifications, you can make just about any modification you want to make. Don’t trust us? Consider the awards. The Dodge Ram is 2013 North American truck of the year, the truck of Texas for the ‘13 year, and the 2013 Motor Trend top truck. All the accolades and all the features spell one word: Quality. The Dodge ram is durable, versatile, and ready to work. The awards should tell you that’s no lie. Your experience behind the wheel should tell you it’s no exaggeration. Your experience away from the mechanic should tell you that, when we say it’s a workhorse, we mean it. If you’ve got a job that needs a little punch to get finished, choose the Ram. If you’ve got a job that’s crucial to complete, choose the Ram Pickup Truck. Link To: Dodge Ram Pickup Truck.

GMC Pickup TrucksOne of the most prominent producers of American pickup trucks, GMC has widely been regarded as a true work truck company. Helping blue-collar folks get to work, get jobs done, and haul all of their payloads with relative ease, comfort, and control, there is a real reason why somebody people continue to purchase GMC pickup trucks on such a regular basis. Hands down one of the biggest successes in the pickup truck world, GMC’s are specifically built to exceed performance levels of many other full-size pickup trucks – but offer a limited range of the “creature comforts” found in so many other models today. However, if you’re looking for a pickup truck that will help you get the job done – without any complaints or letdowns whatsoever – and you’ll feel more than at home sliding behind the wheel of the different GMC pickup truck available. If you just can’t get by without some of those rather plush luxury features, there are a couple of trim levels that you can take advantage of unselect GMC pickup trucks – but understand that pickings may be a little bit slimmer than you were anticipating. A true “backbone” line of vehicles for the American people, GMC pickup trucks continue to exceed expectations year in and year out. Link To: GMC Pickup Truck.

Chevrolet Pickup TrucksWhen you think of American pickup trucks, it’s almost impossible not to imagine a brand-new Chevrolet rolling down a dirt road somewhere. Maybe one of the most iconic American motor companies in history, the truth of the matter is that Chevrolet has absolutely dominated the pickup truck world for decades and decades which is no small feat. It’s almost impossible not to drive down the streets of your town early in the morning (when those construction workers are heading out to the job site) and see entire fleets of Chevrolet pickup trucks. They are almost synonymous with the American carpenter, tradesmen, and farmer. At the same time, the Chevrolet pickup truck have gotten a bit of a reputation for being plusher and luxury oriented than almost any other pickup on the planet and this is by design. While many Chevrolet pickup trucks share identical footprints with their GMC brethren, the truth of the matter is that Chevrolet pickups have always been regarded as more “upscale” within those workmanlike pieces of equipment rolled out by GMC. Chevy pickups continue to turn in solid numbers each and every year, and while they still have a bit of a way to go to catch Ford when it comes to market share it’s not inconceivable especially with the innovations that in these vehicles continue to be outfitted with. Link To: Chevrolet Pickup Truck.

Toyota Pickup TrucksDepending upon whose research you’re paying attention to, the Toyota pickup truck line is easily in the top three bestsellers each and every year for the last decade and a half or so. Once thought of as nothing more than a pocket-sized pickup truck that would never really catch on, the truth of the matter is that the Toyota company has continued to innovate across the board in their trucks have grown in popularity accordingly. Reliable, stylish, and definitely packed with performance features you can rely on, there is a real reason why these Toyota pickup trucks continued to be a bestseller on a regular basis. The most exciting part about Toyota pickup trucks in particular is just how many options you’ll have when you decide to slide behind the wheel of one. Not only are there two major types of Toyota pickup trucks (the midsize Tacoma and the full-size Tundra), but each of these models have a number of different variants that you can customize to your heart’s content, ending up with the perfect truck for your specific needs. Toyota will continue to push the envelope when it comes to expectations about the pickup truck industry, and if the last 15 years or so are any indication they’ll continue to dominate the truck landscape like few other companies have been able to. Link To: Toyota Pickup Truck.

Nissan Pickup TrucksWhile not always known for their pickup trucks, the truth of the matter is that Nissan has certainly been picking it up over the last few years, releasing some of the most exciting full-size and midsize pickup truck models on the market today. Transitioning to two major models, the Nissan Frontier and the Nissan Titan, these trucks have quickly built a dedicated and rapid following thanks to their styling, capabilities, and performance across the board. Nissan pickup trucks continued to establish a major market for Japanese pickups, rocking all of those long-held traditions that the Japanese automakers would never be able to create pickup trucks that could compete with the “Big Three” of the American automotive industry. In fact, very few people have imagined that the Nissan brand would ever be able to release pickup trucks on par with the big American models, let alone surpass them in the many of the essential criteria buyers are looking for today. So regardless of whether or not you’re looking for a brand-new midsize Nissan pickup truck or a completely decked out and performance grade full-size Nissan pickup truck, Nissan has everything that you’re looking for and probably a whole lot more. And they’re definitely worth paying attention to, as even the used models are known for their reliability, durability, and resale value as well. Link To: Nissan Pickup Truck.

Honda Pickup TrucksNever, and we do mean never, was Honda known around the world as a pickup truck brand. The truth of the matter is that when Honda first unleashed their pickup truck in 2005 it took the automotive industry by storm. Most people could never have anticipated that Honda would ever dive headfirst into the world of pickup trucks, as their automobiles had always been known as small, light, and relatively compact automobiles that were built for efficiency first and foremost. However, we are talking about the same Honda automobile manufacturers that absolutely turned the automotive world on its head in the early 80s, a company known for taking risks and pushing the industry for the than almost any other brand on the planet. With the introduction of the Honda Ridgeline (their only pickup truck as of this writing), it’s certainly an interesting vehicle to take a look at. Pumping out some pretty elite level performance (or all, the Honda Ridgeline is a full-size pickup truck), you’re still going to be able to enjoy the same kind of quality, consistency, durability, and resale value with this pickup truck that you would with any other Honda automobile. It’s nice to know that you’re going to be able to count on the tradition Honda has built its name on, even if your “taking a chance” on this relatively brand-new pickup. Link To: Honda Pickup Truck.